Lung Sounds


Lung sounds, also called breath sounds, can be heard across the anterior and posterior chest walls. These breath sounds include crackles, wheezes, stridor and pleural rubs. These are explained in the Essentials of Lung Sounds lessons.

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Lung Sounds Audio

Lung sounds audio recordings, along with explanatory text and chestpiece positioning, are available within the lessons listed below. Additional lung sounds audio recordings can be found at Easy Auscultation's Lung Sounds Library.

Lung Sounds Rhonchi

Wheezes that are low-pitched that occur during inspiration and expiration are called rhonchi. A rhonchi lung sounds lesson description with audio playback and quiz can be found in this page of our website: Rhonchi - Low Pitched Wheezes.

Lung Sounds Rales

Rales sound like crackling. In fact there are two different types of rales sounds, also called fine crackles and coarse crackles. We have created a lesson for each of these variations of rales. Each lesson has text, audio, waveform and a challenge question Rales - Fine Crackles. and Rales - Coarse Crackles.

Essential Lung Sounds Lessons

This course covers lung sounds commonly heard in primary and respiratory care. Use the table of contents below to access lessons. Each lesson includes text, audio and other materials.

Essential Lung Sounds
This module, 'Essential Lung Sounds', is designed to provide auscultation instruction with practice exercises. The most important breath sounds found in family practice and internal medicine are covered. Each lesson consists of multiple pages: 1) text description with audio recording; 2)a visualization page with waveform; 3) a practice page. Use the tabs which appear below each lesson's title.
Lesson List