Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Learning Resources

Understanding how to take blood pressure and interpret blood pressure readings are important skills in respiratory care. We have several free learning resources which are described below.

Quick Lesson on Taking Blood Pressure

A one page guide on how to take blood pressure.

How To Take Blood Pressure »

Practice Using Our Simulator

Practice use a blood pressure cuff with our online simulator.

Practice »

Respiratory Cases

Many of the respiratory case studies on this website require taking blood pressure with our simulator-cuff.

Respiratory Cases »

Adult Hypertension Cases

If you would like to continue studying blood pressure assessment, we recommend the Practical Clinical Skills website ( This site provides adult case studies on hypertension that require taking blood pressure readings, heart and lung auscultation, patient history and test results.

Adult Hypertension »

Pediatric Cases

Use the button below for practicing assessment of hypertension in children on the Practical Clincal Skills website. These cases introduce the use of the NIH's pediatric blood pressure classification tables.

Pediatric Hypertension »