Respiratory Cases II

61 yo female, dyspnea, productive cough

patient illustration


CM is a 61-year-old female who is brought to the emergency department by her husband. She was complaining of dyspnea that has been increasing over the past several hours. She has a history of shortness of breath and productive cough. Included in her home medication regime are Advair and Spiriva. In triage, she has a pulse of 104, respiratory rate of 36, and temperature of 98.9o F. Her SpO2 is 84% while breathing room air. She has an occasional cough productive of small amounts of thick, pale yellow sputum.

Use the Auscultation and Blood Pressure tabs to capture heart rate, blood pressure and lung sounds.

Which of the following would be the most effective therapy to apply at this time? (More than answer may be correct)