Respiratory Cases II

60 yo female, dyspnea, non-productive cough

patient illustration


BJ is a 60-year-old female who comes to the urgent care center complaining of dyspnea and frequent nonproductive cough. She states that she has become progressively more short of breath over the past several weeks. She also related that she thought she might have a cold or the flu associated with getting older. Up to this point, she has no significant history of lung problems, quiet smoking in high school, and works as an insurance agent. Her heart rate is 100, respiratory rate is 30, temperature is 98.6o F. SpO2 is 94% on room air. She has a frequent weak nonproductive cough.

Use the Auscultation and Blood Pressure tabs to capture heart rate, blood pressure and lung sounds.

Which of the following would be the best diagnostic test to perform at this time?