Respiratory Cases I

51 yo female, malaise & dyspnea

Patient Chart
IK is a 51-year-old female who enters the walk-in clinic complaining of dyspnea and overall malaise that started earlier today. She was recently diagnosed with Stage I COPD and placed on Spiriva 1 puff QD and albuterol 2 puffs PRN. She admits to smoking less than a pack of cigarettes (she claims that she has cut back from a pack-and-a-half per day). Assessment reveals a slightly disheveled female who appears to be older than her stated age. She is alert and oriented and in moderate respiratory distress. She has an occasional moist nonproductive cough. Her heart rate is 98, respiratory rate is 32, temperature is 101.9o F. SpO2 is 94% on room air.

Use the Blood Pressure and Auscultation tabs to complete the physical assessment.

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Which of the following would be the most useful diagnostic test to perform at this time?