Respiratory Cases III

81 yo male, fever, shortness of breath

Patient Chart
HZ is an 81-year-old male brought into the emergency department by local EMS because of shortness of breath and fever. He is currently a resident at a long term care facility. He has a several year history of COPD and dementia of the Alzheimer type. Assessment reveals an elderly male who appears thin and cachectic. Heart rate is 102, temperature is 102.1o F. SpO2 is 85% on room air. He has a frequent weak loose nonproductive cough. Skin is dry to the touch with decreased turgor. Take blood pressure and auscultate the patient using the tabs above.

The patient is placed on a nasal cannula at 3 Lpm and arterial blood is obtained for analysis after 30 minutes with the following data:
pH 7.48; PaO2 64:
PaCO2 31; SaO2 93%:
HCO3 24; Hgb 13.1:

Heart Rate:
Blood Pressure: /




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