Patient Eight Diagnosis


KC is a 62-year-old male who presents to the walk-in clinic complaining of shortness of breath and dry cough. He states that he has become progressively more short of breath over the past several weeks. He also indicated that at first he attributed this to a cold and the aging process. He has no history of lung disease, has never been a cigarette smoker, and works as a sales representative. His respiratory rate is 28, temperature is 98.7o F. SpO2 is 94% on room air. He has an occasional dry, nonproductive cough. Use the Auscultation and Blood Pressure tabs to capture heart rate, blood pressure and lung sounds.

After completing this lesson, more lessons are available from our third set of respiratory modules:

Pulmonary Problems III
Chest radiograph reveals a reticular pattern with honeycombing throughout both lungs

Which of the following is the patient’s most likely diagnosis?

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